Welcome to the Akvelon Global Preview User Manual. With this guide you can learn how to install, configure, and use Akvelon Global Preview for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Global Preview for Microsoft CRM is a custom module which includes two features:

  • Email Preview
  • Preview Pane

Email Preview provides the ability to:

  • View email contents and attachments without opening the emails
  • Search for emails by subject, body, and regarding fields
  • Organize emails multiple ways to increase efficiency
  • Perform certain actions with your emails: Add to Queue, Set Regarding, Assign to, and others, right from the Email Preview window
  • Preview Pane allows you to view detailed information for any activity in one click, without opening any additional windows, and also to configure the preview pane in the way you like

Preview Pane provides the ability to:

  • View the content of any entity with one touch including custom entities
  • View entity attributes and Notes
  • Preview open and closed entities for selected contacts, accounts, or any other entity
  • Preview open and closed entities for custom entities
  • Select entities and entity attributes to preview