BabyTalk Translator

BabyTalk Translator

Connect with your baby on a deeper level by translating their cries, sounds, and noises using the BabyTalk Translator app. Find out what your baby wants, and give your baby a voice before they even learn to talk.

 Are you having a hard time understanding what your baby wants?

Every baby has an innate vocabulary that they use to communicate with their parents in the form of cries, sounds and noises. This is not necessarily a language, but we can use machine learning to interpret an individual baby’s sounds and translate that into a readable human language. BabyTalk by Akvelon gives your baby a voice, before they even learn their first word!
Using machine learning, BabyTalk instantaneously translates your baby’s sounds into one of eight general intents that represent your baby’s physical feelings, moods and states of mind:
- Hungry
- Laughing
- Burping
- Discomfort
- Belly Pain
- Coughing
- Sneezing
- Tired

BabyTalk also:

  • Can be trained to learn your baby’s specific vocabulary beyond the eight general intents. You can do this by telling the app what each sound means when your baby makes it

  • Updates sound recognition every 24 hours, so the app will be able to start recognizing new trained intents by the next day

  • Provides a BabyRoom feature that allows you to translate your baby’s sounds handsfree. BabyRoom turns your old phone into a smart speaker by listening continuously and automatically translating any baby sounds that it detects

Download the App Now

Head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download the BabyTalk Translator app to give your baby a voice before they event learn their first word.